Mines Utility for OziExplorer

Exploring the deserts and mountains of the South West of the USA we come across lots of mines and prospects.  Most are abandoned. Some are nothing more than a little hole in a hill side, others have some sizeable head frames still in place. They all have one thing in common, however: The mystery of what the miners were looking for, whether they found anything and when it was active.  So when I came across the Mineral Resources Data System by the USGS I knew I had to have that information available on our exploring trips.

After downloading the database and using it on one trip with a database viewer it became clear that there had to be a more convenient way to access this data, preferably from OziExplorer directly.  The idea for this little OziExplorer Utility was born.

Main features of the utility:

Until the manual is completed see Frederick's blog posts for some tutorials:

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OziUL Executable (Self-extracting archive; Executable only, no data)

Here are some CSV files and the corresponding Ozi point files as used with OziUL (these are all zip files):
New Mexico
All of the above

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Last updated: 05/16/08