Map DVD sets

(status 02/08/07)

These are sets of DVD's that contain USGS Topo's covering each state.  The DVD's contain the 24K (7.5min) and usually the larger 100K and 250K maps.  Also included are NASA satellite pictures. For some states there is also a set of DVD's with the aerial photos (DOQ's) available.

The map borders have been adjusted for seemless switching in Ozi when used for real-time tracking.

The sets are plug-n-play.  The maps can be copied to the hard drive or used directly from the DVD.  It takes just a few minutes to set up.  Installation instructions are included.

List of States and what's currently available:

AZ:  Topo DVD's (2)

         DOQ DVD's (6)

UT:  Topo DVD's (2)

         DOQ DVD's (4)

CO:  Topo DVD's (3)

         DOQ DVD's (5)

NM:  Topo DVD's (3)
CA:  Topo DVD's (2)  

NV is partially ready.

The DVD's are available for sale at $50 per topo or DOQ set per state plus actual shipping.

If you are interested in these DVD sets or maps not listed or have any other questions send an email to <contact at whitethaiger dot net>

Reminder: All the maps on the DVD can be downloaded for free elsewhere. What you are paying for is the convenience of not having to download, organize, adjust map borders, import, and burn all those maps.  It's a significant time effort.

Here is an index map for the south-western states of the US that can be used with OziExplorer: Download. Installation instructions (pdf)