Go is an ancient (over 3000 years old) board game that originated in China. Its name comes from the Japanese name Igo which means "surrounding board game".  Today the game is most popular in Korea, Japan and China.  In the western hemisphere it is still very unknown.  This is the reason I am including this little page on my website; I want to raise awareness for this fantastic game.

The rules for this abstract strategy game are very simple. It's said that kids are old enough to learn the game once they stop viewing the Go stones as candy.  Despite the simple rules the game gets very complex. In fact to date there is no computer program that a strong amateur couldn't beat.

Rather than duplicating the work of others by creating my own introduction to the game I'll include some links to good starting points in the quest for more on Go.  When searching the net for information about the game it is best to include it's Korean and/or Chinese names (Baduk, WeiQi) to increase the relevance of the returned results.


Learn more: 

          Sensei's Library Go

          American Go Association

To get started right away:

          Interactive Introduction to Go

          Igowin, little program to that plays some Go

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